Amyl Guard Review

Amyl Guard is a nutritional supplement sold exclusively online through

The supplement claims to block carbs, making it easy to lose weight. It works as an amylase inhibitor, shutting down the fat-storing sugar enzyme in your body and preventing you from gaining weight.

Does Amyl Guard really work? Or is it yet another overhyped weight loss supplement? Please keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Amyl Guard and its effects.

What is Amyl Guard?

Amyl Guard is an amylase inhibitor nutritional supplement sold through The supplement uses four ingredients to inhibit amylase, making it harder for your body to store carbs as fat.

By taking two capsules of Amyl Guard daily, anyone can purportedly lose weight, keep the weight off, regulate their metabolism, and balance blood sugar, among other benefits. You can also take Amyl Guard 15 minutes before a meal to accelerate weight loss results.

The ingredients in Amyl Guard stop carbs from turning into fat-storing sugars. Typically, your body transforms the carbs you eat into sugars. If you don’t burn those sugars, then your body stores those sugars as fat for later use.

Amyl Guard claims to inhibit this activity, helping to promote fat loss by preventing your body from storing fat in the first place. According to the website, you can continue eating carb-rich foods without losing weight. Just take two capsules of Amyl Guard daily. That’s why Nutraville, the manufacturer, describes Amyl Guard as a “glucose disposal agent.”

Amyl Guard is exclusively available through Each bottle is priced at around $49.

How Does Amyl Guard Work?

Amyl Guard is marketed towards anyone who wants to lose weight quickly and safely. According to, the supplement can help anyone lose weight quickly and safely – regardless of your age, shape, body type, or the number of diets you’ve tried in the past.

The manufacturer also claims that Amyl Guard works without strict dieting or extreme exercise. Just follow a normal diet and exercise routine, then take Amyl Guard daily to lose a significant amount of weight.

To activate Amyl Guard, take two capsules 15 minutes before moderate and high carb meals. Here’s how explains what happens next:

“Just take one serving of Amyl Guard 15-minutes before moderate and high carb meals, and the ingredients will help block carbs from storing in your cells which helps prevent weight gain.”

Some people take Amyl Guard daily to block carbs throughout the day. Others take a targeted approach, taking Amyl Guard before a meal.

What Does Amyl Guard Do?

Amyl Guard shuts off an enzyme called amylase. Normally, this enzyme breaks down carbs into fat-storing sugars. Amyl Guard inhibits this breakdown, which means carbs go in one end and out the other.

Amylase is a digestive enzyme. Like other digestive enzymes, amylase helps your body break down the foods you eat. Protease, for example, is an enzyme that helps you break down protein, while lactase is an enzyme that helps you break down dairy products. Amylase is a digestive enzyme that helps you break down carbs.

Amyl Guard works because it inhibits the amylase enzyme activity, preventing your body from ever breaking down the carbs you eat.

Typically, amylase breaks down carbs, transforming them into sugars. Your body uses those sugars immediately. Or, it stores them as fat. That’s why many diets recommend cutting out carbs: unless you immediately exercise the sugar away, your body will store the carbs as fat, causing you to gain weight.

Amyl Guard Ingredients

Many supplements claim to work as amylase blockers, but only a few ingredients are proven actually to inhibit the amylase enzyme activity.

To inhibit the activity of amylase, Amyl Guard contains four ingredients that block carbs from entering cells and causing fat gain. The four ingredients include bitter melon extract, white kidney bean extract, chromium, and berberine.

Here’s how the makers of Amyl Guard explain the benefits and effects of each ingredient within Amyl Guard:

Bitter Melon: Bitter melon extract is a vegetable commonly found in diabetes supplements. Traditionally, it’s been used to help control blood sugar. Amyl Guard, meanwhile, uses the ingredient to help you lose weight. As proof, the makers of Amyl Guard cite one study where bitter melon inhibited the activity of fat-storing sugar enzymes by 69%. In fact, the creator of Amyl Guard claims he personally lost 31lbs of belly fat after taking the bitter melon extract. He describes it as a “mysterious vegetable” and “one of the best amylase inhibitors found in nature.”

White Kidney Bean Extract: White kidney bean extract is a natural ingredient found in many weight loss aids. Some studies have shown that white kidney bean extract can lead to a significant reduction of body fat. In one study cited on, participants lost 14.8lbs over a 12 week period while taking white kidney bean extract. The placebo group, meanwhile, gained 7lbs during this period. In another study, participants lost 553% more body fat than a placebo group when taking white kidney bean extract, according to

Chromium: Chromium is a crucial mineral for blood sugar and other body functions. When your blood sugar spikes, it wreaks havoc on your body’s metabolism, food cravings, appetite, and weight gain. Multiple studies have connected chromium to blood sugar management. Other studies have found that people with diabetes tend to have lower chromium levels than others. In one study, people who supplemented with chromium picolinate (the specific type of chromium used in Amyl Guard) experienced significant weight loss and reduced belly fat compared to a placebo.

Berberine: The maker of Amyl Guard describes berberine as a substance that “triggers the metabolic master switch” in your body, supporting consistent weight loss. Berberine also inhibits the growth of new fat cells at the molecular level. Plus, it can be found in many diabetes supplements because it prevents insulin from spiking.

Together, the four ingredients in Amyl Guard purportedly block amylase activity, working synergistically to prevent your body from breaking down and storing carbs.

How to Use Amyl Guard

The makers of Amyl Guard recommend taking two capsules of Amyl Guard 15 to 30 minutes before a carb-rich meal.

Some people take Amyl Guard daily, helping to block carbs throughout the day. Others use a targeted approach, taking two capsules of Amyl Guard before eating lasagna, pizza, dessert, or other foods with moderate to high amounts of carbs.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with Amyl Guard?

The Amyl Guard sales page is filled with stories of users losing a significant amount of weight after taking Amyl Guard. According to, the supplement doesn’t just prevent fat from being stored on your body: it helps you lose a substantial amount of weight without strict dieting or exercising.

Here are some of the weight-loss claims advertised on the Amyl Guard website:

The creator of the formula claims he lost 31lbs of “heavy, ugly belly fat” and kept it off “for good” after using Amyl Guard, claiming the supplement “changed my life.”

That man claims he lost an average of 3 to 5lbs per week while taking Amyl Guard, with the best results between days 14 and 21

In one study on white kidney bean extract (one of the active ingredients in Amyl Guard), participants lost 14.8lbs over a 12-week period while taking the supplement, according to; meanwhile, a placebo group gained 7lbs.

Another study on white kidney bean extract led to 553% more body fat loss than a placebo group, with participants losing significant amounts of weight.

One woman claims she can “now eat carbs without the guilt” after buying Amyl Guard; that woman claims she lost 3lbs in just a week of taking Amyl Guard, and she also noticed that she is more energetic than ever.

Other diet pill websites are filled with unrealistic weight-loss claims, with pictures of scantily-clad men and women claiming they lost significant amounts of weight after taking the diet pill. The makers of Amyl Guard take a more realistic approach, advertising reasonable weight loss results associated with their formula.

Amyl Guard Ingredients Label

Nutraville discloses the full Amyl Guard ingredients label on their official website, making it easy to see exactly what’s inside each capsule. The company lists the dosage of each ingredient within Amyl Guard, allowing you to compare the supplement to other amylase inhibitors, diet pills, and scientific studies.

The full list of ingredients includes:

Other ingredients, including vegetable cellulose (to create the capsule), and titanium dioxide, and magnesium stearate


Scientific Evidence for Amyl Guard

Nutraville has not published any clinical trials on Amyl Guard in a peer-reviewed journal or disclosed research anywhere online. However, the company has an extensive references page supporting individual ingredients within Amyl Guard.

First, the bitter melon extract has been one of the most popular diet pill ingredients in the weight loss supplement community in recent years. In this 2015 study, researchers reviewed the evidence on bitter melon extract and its role in weight loss. Researchers concluded that bitter melon extract had shown potential therapeutic benefits in animal and human trials, including benefits in diabetes and obesity-related metabolic dysfunction. Researchers believe bitter melon extract works by inducing lipid and fat metabolizing gene expression and increasing the function of AMPK and PPARs. That’s a fancy way of saying that bitter melon extract helps your body burn more fat.

White kidney bean extract has been similarly popular in recent years. Studies show that white kidney bean extract could help you lose weight. In this 2020 study published in Nutrients, researchers reviewed the evidence on white kidney bean extract. Researchers found that white kidney bean extract aids weight loss, leading to small but meaningful results in humans (with an average weight loss of around 2.6kg or 5.7lbs).

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Many white kidney bean extract supplements claim to inhibit the enzyme amylase. However, it’s unclear if white kidney bean extract really inhibits the enzyme or if it helps you lose weight in other ways – like through optimizing digestion. Nevertheless, white kidney bean extract led to statistically significant weight loss and other benefits, and it could inhibit amylase or block carbs through other mechanisms. Most studies used a dose of 750mg to 1,500mg of white kidney bean extract, which is larger than the 300mg dose used in Amyl Guard.

Some people take chromium picolinate supplements daily for weight loss. Others take it for blood sugar management. In this 2010 study, researchers analyzed evidence on chromium and weight loss. Researchers found that daily ingestion of 1,000mcg of chromium picolinate for 24 weeks did not affect weight loss in overweight adults compared to a placebo. However, other studies have shown chromium can help control blood sugar, making it easier to manage appetite and cravings.

Overall, Amyl Guard could help you lose weight using natural extracts like bitter melon extract and white kidney bean extract. These ingredients could inhibit amylase from blocking carb formation, or they could work in other ways. More research is needed to verify the weight loss effects. Although the doses seem slightly lower than what we’ve seen in other studies, Amyl Guard could still provide mild weight loss support when paired with a diet and exercise routine.

Who Created Amyl Guard?

At, you’ll learn the story of the man who created Amyl Guard: John.

John is not a doctor, nor is he a health guru. Instead, he’s an ordinary guy who received a scary, life-changing diagnosis from his doctor. John’s doctor told him he had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and that the disease was spreading throughout his body. If left unchecked, the disease would ravage the surrounding organs and even kill John.


John decided to make a change. He had a wife and kids he didn’t want to lose.

Unfortunately, John had tried to lose weight in the past – but nothing worked. He would lose and gain the same 20lbs over and over again. Nothing seemed to stick.

Motivated to find a real solution to his weight loss, John started researching natural cures. He read nutritional journals. He researched herbs and plant extracts from around the world. Eventually, he stumbled upon the four ingredients in Amyl Guard.

John decided to test the ingredients on himself. He quickly observed rapid weight loss effects. He even describes the effects as unintentional: he wasn’t trying too hard to lose weight, and he wasn’t strictly dieting or exercising. Instead, he was taking the ingredients daily and rapidly losing weight.

To make a long story short, John claims he lost 3 to 5lbs per week by taking the ingredients in Amyl Guard, ultimately losing 31lbs of belly fat. His doctor was impressed, and John continues to live a happy and healthy life today.

Amyl Guard Pricing

Amyl Guard is priced at $49 per bottle, although the price drops as low as $31 per bottle when ordering multiple bottles at a time.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Each bottle contains a 30 day supply of Amyl Guard or 60 capsules. You take two capsules daily (or two capsules before a carb-rich meal) to lose weight.

Amyl Guard Refund Policy

A 365-day refund policy backs amyl Guard. You can test the supplement for 365 days. If you don’t lose a significant amount of weight, or if Amyl Guard doesn’t work, then you can request a complete refund with no questions asked.

  • Returns Address: Nutraville 25425 Rye Canyon Rd. Valencia, CA 91355

About Nutraville

Amyl Guard is made by a company named Nutraville. That company is based in Valencia, California. The company ships the Amyl Guard bundle from Alpha Logistics in Valencia, and the company also appears to maintain an office in Valencia.

You can contact the makers of Amyl Guard via the following:

Nutraville was founded to create optimized nutrition for better health. Other Nutraville supplements include cAMP Boost and Gluta Raise.

Final Word

Amyl Guard is a weight loss supplement that inhibits amylase, an enzyme-linked to fat storage. By taking two capsules of Amyl Guard before a carb-heavy meal, you could prevent your body from storing some of the carbs as fat, making it easier to avoid weight gain.

According to, you can lose up to 31lbs by taking the supplement. The formula contains white kidney bean extract, bitter melon extract, chromium, and other popular weight loss ingredients.

To learn more about Amyl Guard and how the formula works, visit online at A 365-day moneyback guarantee backs all purchases.

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