Neuro-Balance Therapy Reviews – Is It Legit Worth Buying?

Neuro-Balance Therapy is an effective way for men and women to improve their balance, stability, and strength. This simple routine involves performing a 10-15 ritual in the morning to stimulate the foot’s peroneal nerve.

According to the program’s creator, Chris Wilson, the peroneal nerve stimulates all the muscles in the lower body, including the leg and foot muscles.

How Does Neuro-Balance Therapy Work?

The Neuro-Balance Therapy program comes for each level of difficulty:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

People must exercise daily to get the most out of this system. If they can’t do it every day, then every other day works too.

The movements that the Neuro-Balance Therapy program are light and ultra-soft. They are stretches that anyone can do regardless of their age. And the good news is that the system allows taking breaks too. The entire program focuses on connecting the body with the mind to achieve long-term and complete balance.

All that is needed to use the Neuro-Balance program is ten seconds each morning, a Nerve Wakeup spike ball, and the program itself. They must roll their feet over this ball so the dead nerves can reactivate. Waking up the dead nerves in the feet stimulates the peroneal nerve. Typical peroneal nerve dysfunction is a type of neuropathy (nerve damage outside the brain or spinal cord) that can affect individuals at any age. The peroneal nerve is said to be rather crucial because it is a sciatic nerve branch that supports movement and sensation to the lower leg, foot, and toes.

What Comes With the Neuro-Balance Therapy Program?

Here are the items that come with every Neuro-Balance Therapy order:

Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD

This DVD includes simple workout routines that people can do while working on their computers or watching TV. The basic exercises presented on this DVD are accessible; even people who have never been to a gym can perform them.

A trainer is unnecessary for the workouts on the Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD because they were created by someone with a long experience establishing bodily stability and balance.

Nerve Wakeup Spike Ball

In addition to the Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD, customers also get the spike ball. This type of ball is unlike any other rubber ball, featuring technology that wakes up dead nerves. This ball has the exact number of spikes that can stimulate the feet’s nerves.

The Nerve Wakeup Spike Ball contains a crystalline material that can last very long. The Neuro-Balance Therapy official website mentions that by performing the exercises on the Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD and using the Nerve Wakeup Spike Ball, people can feel a difference in their stability and balance in only two weeks or less.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Videos

Since the Neuro-Balance Therapy program is for all, the videos it presents are for three categories:

Introduction Video

The Introduction Video explains to customers how they can restore their body’s ability to be balanced, strong, and steady again. This video also discusses how the Neuro-Balance Therapy program can help avoid accidental falls and trips.

Level 1: Beginner Video

The Neuro-Balance Therapy Beginner Video walks people through all the ten actions needed for a more balanced body. These actions are crucial and activate foot receptors so that the leg’s neurons become excited.

Everyone should start the Neuro-Balance Therapy program with this Beginner Video that presents the system’s movements and gives some extra advice, including why it’s important to be barefoot when doing the exercises.

Level 2: Intermediate Video

The Neuro-Balance Therapy Intermediate Video can begin once the user masters the Level 1 movements. Like the Beginner video, this video starts with a 10-minute tutorial and presents a 1-minute exercise routine with the spikey ball.

Then, the video moves on to some more complicated exercises. Again, advice and guidance are critical to every step of this program.

Level 3: Advanced Video

After mastering the Intermediate Video, users can move to the Advanced Routine, a more sophisticated movement that is the finishing touch to the entire routine.

In addition to the material included above, the creator of Neuro-Balance Therapy will provide you with two bonus guides to aid in bringing stability, maintaining balance, and preventing unexpected falls and trips.

And the surprises don’t end here, as the Neuro-Balance Therapy program also includes two free bonuses.


Neuro-Balance Therapy Free Bonuses

The Neuro-Balance Therapy Free bonuses are:

Tips to Fall-Proof Your Home

Tips to Fall-Proof Your Home is an eBook that focuses on how Neuro-Balance Therapy users can fall-proof their home so that they never fall, not even when doing something that requires them to have incredible stability. In addition, this book unveils 20 critical points that people must follow for the safety of each step taken.

Downloadable Version of Neuro-Balance Therapy

Since the Neuro-Balance Therapy program comes on a DVD, it’s essential that users also have a downloadable version of it for when they can’t use their TV system or are on their smartphones or laptops. In other words, this free bonus turns the entire program completely digital.

Why Should People Buy the Neuro-Balance Therapy Program?

The Neuro-Balance Therapy program is ideal for those who want a healthy lifestyle—for example, falling whenever having to take something from a higher shelve in the kitchen or the bathroom is not funny. On the contrary, it’s painful and shouldn’t happen because balance and stability can be regained, even by those who think they no longer have any hope. In addition, the Neuro-Balance Therapy program works for people of all ages, so seniors and people who have suffered an accident can benefit from it too.

How Much Does the Neuro-Balance Therapy Program Cost?

Anyone can acquire the Neuro-Balance Therapy program from the product’s official website. Instant access to the digital program is available for both options for purchasing the program.

For this money, customers gain access to all the program’s materials and free bonuses, plus a 60-day money-back guarantee. And there’s more, as customers can choose which package to purchase separately, as follows:

  • Instant Digital Access and a Physical DVD With One Spike Ball + One Free Bonus at $47
  • Instant Digital Access and a Physical DVD With Two Spike Balls + Two Free Bonuses at $77

The Neuro-Balance Therapy customer support is available at:

  • Email Support: [email protected]
  • Phone Support: 1-727-351-3065
  • Company Address: Critical Bench, Inc. Attn: Neuro-Balance Therapy 15373 Roosevelt Blvd, Suite 203 Clearwater, FL 33760

To learn more about this balance therapy and how Neuro-balance works, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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