Click Wealth System Reviews (Matthew Tang) Does It Really Work or is it a Scam?

Click Wealth System Software is an all-in-one software that claims to give users access to everything they could need to quickly start generating a steady income stream even if they have never made a dime online before.

According to the official website, the all-in-one software allows users access to everything they could need to start making online income even with limited knowledge of affiliate marketing. It’s easy to get started, with no technical knowledge required. It claims to help users manage multiple websites and blogs, send newsletter emails, integrate social media, manage contacts and offers for their business, track where visitors are coming from and much more.

How does Click Wealth System work? Is it legit or a scam? Keep reading this review to learn more.

How Does Click Wealth System Work?

According to the product’s sales page, users need to purchase the product to be able to log into the member’s area. The current price is $9, which looks like a good deal for most people. After purchasing the product, users get a welcome video and a training program to help them generate consistent income.

In the training video, users are shown how to do the following:

  • Watch the welcome videos and join our Facebook community
  • Create and sync your Clickbank account
  • Create and sync your GetResponse account
  • Activate your free traffic
  • Set up your profit pages
  • Set up your click tracker
  • Get your verified influencer traffic

Notably, the program starts well and any new person would find it helpful. The Get Started Right button contains links to embedded YouTube videos.

Some Serious Concerns

Despite its claims to help users generate consistent income, the program seems to raise some serious concerns among users. For instance, after buying the product, users can only see a welcome video and the entire training in one PDF file. This alone cannot help anyone generate consistent income. Consequently, the creator urges users to upgrade their packages, which attract several hundreds of dollars.

In a sense, the Click Wealth System looks like some form of a pyramid scheme where a person recruits people into a system. Here are some of the red flags associated with the Click Wealth System program:

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Potential Red Flags

Huge income claims

The Click Wealth System promises crazy income claims by just signing up for $9. According to the sales video, members have been using the program for thousands of dollars. Even so, these are not 100% verified proofs. There is no way of knowing whether the claims are true or not, thereby making them unbelievable.

In all online moneymaking procedures, easy shortcuts don’t yield much and they end up being scams. While people have made good sums of money online, it’s done through genuine hard work and time. Many people have genuinely made $10,000 per month or even more through legit ways of affiliate marketing.

Fake tactics

In the entire sales video of the Click Wealth System, the creator tells people to “Act Fast!” because the opportunity is only available for “One day only!” He also claims that the space is extremely limited with only “100 spots available.” These scarcity tactics aim to put people into panic mode before they can make an informed decision. In the real sense, the program will exist as long as people pay their money to sign up or until the program blocks them.

Too many upsells

Additionally, the Click Wealth System bombards users with too many upsells. After spending $9 to get the program, users encounter four upsell screens and more upsells after joining the members’ area. More upsells exist within the training videos.

All these red flags leave users with more questions than answers. It’s more of a get-rich-quick scheme organized by an individual or a group of people to swindle citizens of their hard-earned money. It’s quite far from affiliate marketing, which is a genuine way of making money online.

Who is Behind Click Wealth System?

The Click Wealth System is a product of Matthew Tang. Whether this is a real person or pseudonym is questionable because there’s not much information about him. According to the introduction video, the creator claims he used to be an accountant but left the profession to venture into internet marketing.

However, there’s no information about who runs the Click Wealth System affairs. An online search on the name revealed that none of Matthew Tang names on LinkedIn is associated with Click Wealth System.

Pros and Cons of Click Wealth System



  • Additional costs—it has upsells of up to $400
  • No ownership of the pages
  • Solo ads with low conversion rates
  • Too many red flags

Final Word

Anyone looking for a legit way to earn money online must look at the validity of the program he/she chooses to join. Click Wealth System looks like a non-legit way to build a business online. The creator makes huge promises but doesn’t keep them, making the program totally unreliable.

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